Take a seat in the live conversation event on the future of digital advertising

DoubleClick’s annual event on digital trends is now available live on Wednesday June 4th 2014. The time is set at 9:30 am PDT – 10:45 am PDT / 12:30 pm EDT – 1:45 pm EDT. Speakers include Jeffery Katzenberg (CEO of DreamWorks Animation), Nikesh Arora (Chief Business Officer at Google) and Neal Mohan (VP of Display Advertising at Google). The question they will discuss and talk about is “How will digital advertising evolve next?” If you are interested in watching this live event, please check out the blog post title “Join us for a conversation on the future of digital advertising” at Inside AdSense. You are required to register in order to participate in the live streaming event. You will also receive a link to watch the event later on if you happen to miss the event. If you are wondering how it likes about the event, check out the video footage from last year’s event.

I do not know what to expect at the event but last year’s video footage title “Coco-Cola’s Liquid & Linked Marketing” really is impressing. I hope this year the speakers will include interesting info and important facts too. I learn digital advertising when I get to know about Google AdSense. Ever since that day onwards, I have been constantly thinking and finding ways to reach out to customers online. It really does change the way I think. If I’m to describe what is about digital advertising, I’ll say it’s like a drop of ink into a pool of crystal clear water. Depending on the movement of the water we can witness how the color of the ink is spread.



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