Some of the things that you can tell Google App to do

It seems like Google continues to improve Google App so that it can receive as much command as possible via voice. I’m guessing ultimately Google hopes to achieve hands free condition where by users only requires giving command or instruction over voice to operate smartphone. It is pretty cool actually if you think about the possibility of new creation and design. Few years ago we witness the disappearing of buttons on smartphone. Few years later perhaps we might not require swiping our smartphone any more. Perhaps it will be just like the sci-fi movies where by we just need to give command via voice. Check out the blog post title “7 things to try by voice with the Google app on Android” from Google Inside Search.

Try using your voice to play music, turn on wifi, play YouTube videos, book a flight, do things in other app and find cooking recipe. It might be fun. But remember to update your android and calibrate your voice. I think this is very useful especially when you are driving. You can keep your hands on the wheel while giving voice command to your phone.



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