Site speed will be taken into consideration at Google Page Rank

Google just announced that the speed of website loads will be taken into consideration when it comes to ranking it in Google search results. That means if your site or blog takes longer time to load than your page rank will be affected. For further information please check out Information about Adsense ads and site speed at Inside Adsense.

It is true that we all hate sites or blogs that takes ages to load. Basically the task to include site speed into one of the criteria of deciding Google Page Rank might just be good for users. The question is how this will affect sites and blogs owners. According to Google Adsense, the site speed doesn’t carry as much weight as the relevance of a page. Only less than 1% of all search queries on Google are affected by the site speed signal. That means generally we don’t have to worry much about site speed unless your blog or site really is loading very slow. If you’re worry about loading speed of your blog, do a search on blog loading speed and you’ll find lots of free tools for checking. Here’s a site that you can try out to check the loading speed of your blog – Website Speed Test from iwebtool. Normally blog loading speed won’t be slow unless you have images with large file size, video clips and JavaScript/HTML/CSS code which connect to several sites.

Google Page Rank is a hot topic among bloggers. It’s always the question of “How to get higher Google Page Rank?” It’s a game that we all have to play as blogger. The rules are set by Google and it changes always. The key is to play by the rules but not against it. I suppose anything that goes along Google will eventually earn you a good Page Rank.



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  1. Site speed is something now every blogger will be worried about.