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Let me say this again. Year End holiday shopping season already started. People are starting to prepare for Christmas and New Year event. Most people who own a smartphone are most lightly going to place a lot of orders, especially when it is close to the holidays. Google predicted 44% of total searches in the US for last minute gifts and store locator terms coming from mobile devices. This information has been presented for a long time and it is basically saying that a lot of people will be shopping online using their smartphone for this Year End holiday season. Now that you understand the huge potential of business opportunities, next is to advertise and engage with smartphone users. If you are not sure how to make use of Google features for the benefits of your business, check out the blog post title “Going Mobile: From Why to How? Sign up today for our webinar on Sept 21st.” from Google Mobile Ads Blog. A webinar with title 5 key mobile advertising strategies will be presenting by Product Marketing Manager Sonja Lee and Mobile Specialist Angela Sherman. The webinar is held on Wednesday Sept 21st at 11am PT/ 2pm ET. Be sure to sign up for the webinar if you are seriously about making money on this coming Year End holiday season. You will also learn how to drive local traffic, mobile conversion volume and how to reach tablet users. The events will also showcasing the latest launches in Google mobile ads and discussing how to best incorporate them into your mobile strategy.

You have less than three months to prepare your business for the year end shopping season. This is the time which you will be making lots of sales. Don’t miss out this golden opportunity to make money.



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