Sharing feedbacks with Google

I don’t mind sharing. Well, if you are into blogging, you are basically sharing a lot of things online. So if Google asks you to share your feedback with them, will you do it? Check out the blog post title “Share your feedback on AdSense, AdMob and other Google publisher solutions” If you opt to receive ‘occasional survey’, you might receive a survey by email over the coming weeks.

Honestly I think as long as Google is able to help publisher makes money, any changes is consider good and acceptable. Just don’t make publisher do a lot of testing and tuning. Let publisher focus on their design and content building. Publishers do not want to put too much time and effort on tuning and adjusting Google AdSense, AdMob and other Google publisher solutions. Just do the work and decide what’s best for publisher. Obviously the best and only things that publishers want is increase in earning.

Google should give something back for those who share feedbacks. People will be motivated to do so because surveys too take time and effort. A brief mention on one of Google blogs will be good enough. Every publisher will be happy for the exposure.



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