Separating Google Adwords Campaigns Between Mobile and Desktop

Honestly, I think it is very important that we separate Google Adwords campaign between mobile and desktop. The reason is very simple. The customers whom we’re targeting are totally different. Just like when we are setting up Google Adwords campaign for desktop users, we need to consider their behavior, buying power, needs and habits. This goes the same for setting up Google Adwords campaign for mobile users. If you did your research and homework, you’ll understand that mobile users and desktop users are totally different market. In order to maximize your profits and efficiency of your Google Adwords campaign, it is necessary to have separate campaigns for mobile and desktop. As Google always advices advertisers to create mobile specific Adwords campaign, they came out a new resource that helps to guide advertisers in setting up mobile specific campaign. Check out the blog post title “New Video Resource: Creating Mobile Only Campaigns” from Google Mobile Ads Blog as it explains some optimization tips to gain competitive advantage and maximize performance on mobile. The blog post also includes a video on how to create a mobile only campaign directly in Google Adwords account.

P/S: The tools of Google Adwords are the same. The only difference is the targeted customers. In order to effectively target smartphone users market, you need to become a smartphone user and understand the behavior of smartphone users.



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