Selling Mobile Apps is Getting Easier with Google Click to download Ads

The number of smartphone users is still increasing as I’m writing this blog. The use and download of mobile apps is also increasing. Either it is iTunes App Store or Android Marketplace, you’ll see lots of smartphone users visiting these sites every second trying to find something to download. It’s a huge market potential and Google knows it very well. Check out the blog post title “Click-to-download ads now display application icons” from Google Mobile Ads Blog as Google introduces new feature which makes the ads more visually appealing.

Google improved the existing Click-to-download format by automatically finding and displaying the icon that is registered in the iTunes App Store or the Android Marketplace. That means users can easily see and click for downloads. That also means more clicks and more earnings. As there are so many icons like the thumb like icon of Facebook and +1 icon of Google, it is wise to introduce an icon to click-to-download ads. I think people remember the icon better than the words itself. Plus when people are doing things fast with their smartphone, they don’t actually read. They just see it, click and want the results fast.

I suppose we will be seeing more improvement and updates from Google related to smartphone issues. Everything on smartphone should be easy, simple, fast and straight to the point. I think this is what most smartphone users would love. As a smartphone user, don’t you agree?



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