Samsung is joining the Game in Mobile Ad Network

Google, Millennial Media and Apple are the top three mobile ad networks in the world. Particularly for mobile ad network Millennial Media, the performance of the company has been outstanding. The company managed to overtake Apple and become the second largest company in mobile marketing. And now Samsung is launching its own mobile ad network trying to obtain a piece of mobile market from the players above. According to the blog post title “Samsung creating mobile ad network to challenge Apple’s iAd, others” from Venture Beat, Samsung will be teaming up with OpenX Technologies to create mobile ad network.

Obviously the involvement of Samsung into mobile ad network is good news for publishers. Competitions between advertising companies eventually will benefits publishers. At the end of the day we are just looking for advertising company which can help bring in the most earnings. It should be interesting to see how the involvement of Samsung in mobile ad network will impact the market or the game. I suppose Samsung will be targeting Asia and customers who uses their smartphone and tablet products. As mobile ad network is new to Samsung, there should be a lot of testing, errors and improvement in mobile advertising. Publishers and advertisers can make use of the loophole at the beginning when Samsung launches mobile ad network in the second half of 2012.



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