Removing Google Web History Before New Privacy Policy Starts

Google’s new privacy policy and terms will be starting on 1st March 2012. It may seems it is a bit late to remind you all to remove Google search history and stop it from being recorded, but I suppose we still have some time until before 1st of March. Although disabling web history in Google account does not prevent Google from gathering information from our search activities, but at least we can prevent Google from getting our previous search activities and be alert in the things that we do online in future. Just think about this as pressing the reset button and start all over again. Check out the bog post title “How to Remove Your Google Search History Before Google’s New Privacy Policy Takes Effect” from Electronic Frontier Foundation. At the end of the blog post, you may also check out “Six Tips to Protect Your Search Privacy” if you are concern about Google gathering your search activities online.

As an entrepreneur, publisher or a person pursuing for money making opportunities online, this particular issue might not have much effect on our daily online activities as we still have to do a lot of surfing and researching online no matter what happen. But still it is better to take certain precautious steps when it comes to things related to Google. Remember that Google can terminate Adsense or Adwords account easily and there is no turning back once decision is made. So it is better to be careful if you are relying on Google Adsense and Adwords on making money online.

P/S: I would suggest not doing any surfing or searching activities when you are still logging in any account, especially Google account.



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