Questions and Answers for Google Places

Lately I have a friend calling me up and asking questions about Google Places. He was trying to register a business at Google places so that the business name, address, contact number and a website link can be visible at Google Maps. He encountered some problems and errors while processing the information. I tried to help but my knowledge and information regarding Google Places is not enough to make things better. Good thing that Google Small Business Blog release a blog post title “Ask us your Google Places for business questions” The blog post is right on time to help my friend solved his problems and make his business appear on Google Maps. The Google Places YouTube page which covers things like features of listing, problems reporting and ranking answers a lot of our questions.

As previous moderator page is a success, Google is planning for another New Moderator page. Users can submit questions, ideas and vote for users’ submissions. This event starts today and for the next two weeks. Google will answers some of the popular questions directly on the page and post new video clips on Google Places YouTube Channel. If you encounter any problems regarding Google Places or Google Maps, submit your questions. Especially if you own a small offline business and trying to make an appearance on Google Maps, this is the time to do it. Remember that Google Places might not work best for every business. You have to try it out and connect with Google so that adjustment can be made to suit your business. Google places can help bring in a lot of business but you have to make it happen by approaching Google. As Google has open up the window by launching another Moderator page, do not miss out the opportunities. Besides, it’s FREE. If you are seeing the increase of smartphone and tablet device users around your area, you definitely need to do this. Users will be using Google Maps a lot to purchase products and services around their location. Making your business visible online via Google Places will increase your business a lot. You will definitely feel the impact during the Year End holiday season. Remember that customers now have less than three months to shop for Christmas and New Year event. You should start preparing and make the move now.



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