Picking up Mobile Advertising From Google Think Mobile Webinar

Google’s Think Mobile webinar on November 2nd 2011 will be featuring Avinash Kaushik, Digital Marketing Evangelist. Topic of the webinar is Mobile Advertising: Right Person, Right Time, Right Message – Finally! Participants will be learning tips and best practices for mobile marketing campaign, new metrics unique to mobile and how to measure mobile ads and websites. Check out the blog post title “Google’s Think Mobile Webinar featuring Avinash Kaushik – November 2nd from Google Mobile Ads Blog for details.

Smartphone users are increasing drastically and a lot of people are using their mobile phone to surf online, shopping, checking out directions and receiving latest news information. But not many businesses are making use of mobile advertising yet. Instead of throwing money into expensive traditional hardcopy printing advertising, why not just spare little bit of money trying out online mobile advertising. A little bit of advertising investment is enough to capture lots of people who are using mobile phone or smartphone. As not many businesses are making use of mobile advertising, the effect can be easily seen. Business owners can choose to learn up Google Mobile advertising and decide the advertising cost, advertising location and many other criteria. Taking up the advertising role personally can greatly reduce business cost. Business owners who are interested in learning mobile advertising and mobile marketing campaign should attend the webinar on November 2nd 2011. The webinar is free and you just have to register for a spot.



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