Opportunity to Write for Technorati

writing for technoratiTechnorati is looking for writers. If you’re interested in being part of Technorati writing community, this is your chance. As we all know that Technorati is one of the popular website online, there are a lot of advantages being able to write for Technorati. Despite all the advantages that you’ll get, there is one thing that you don’t get from writing for Technorati. You will not get paid. That’s my guess as the issue of payment or money is not mention within the announcement.

Let’s take a look what else we can get writing for Technorati beside money. We are able to grow as a writer with the help of professional, dedicated and experienced team of editors. We can gain visibility of our personal brand and writing samples as all articles are on Technorati’s RSS, Twitter and Google News. We can be inspired by working alongside with bloggers of same interest. We also have the opportunities to obtain interesting and timely story ideas, plus access for interview opportunities. We will be able to establish our online brand and become expert on our field. Not to mention we will be receiving tips and guides from the experienced editorial team and fellow writers from the Technorati community.

No doubt the advantages that you’ll get for writing for Technorati will be far more then getting money. But still you have to be qualified and accepted as writer. It will be better that you have a blog that the editors can check out. You don’t have to be very good in writing to be accepted. I suppose Technorati is looking for something that suits the website and the community. If you’re interested, no harm gives it a try and submits the application.

P/S: It’s a competitive world out there, even online. I suppose this is one of the methods that Technorati tries to catch up with page rank and the fast changing technology world.



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4 Responses to “Opportunity to Write for Technorati”

  1. James says:

    Probably there will be some kind of payment I guess. Technorati works very well for my internet marketing strategy and I think is one of the best platforms online.

  2. San Antonio orthodontist says:

    It is a great opportunity for the freelance writer like us.It will be more effective if the pay for the creative and unique writing.There are many other site which offer to pay for writing with them.In this case the writing should be approved by the administrator.

  3. BlueBoden says:

    I find it hard to take it seriously, because my application was rejected. Which seems rather strange, considering my past work.

    Maybe they stopped accepting applications. In any case, it seems rather unprofessional that they review applications manually.

    Its also unclear what we get in return as writers. From the looks of other articles on technoratie, we don’t seem to get anything in return, aside from a useless backlink.

    The limited amount of traffic that you get from writing articles, is in my experience, very little, and of doubtful quality.

    Its also fun to see of how low quality the other articles on the site are, which totally defeat the point in reviewing application manually.

  4. Kaushik says:

    how long does technorati take to approve after an application has been done?