Opportunities for Graphic Designers to Create Own Google Adsense Logo

Google is having a celebration by launching Doodle 4 Adsense showcase. According to the latest blog post title “Submit to the Doodle 4 Adsense showcase” from Google Inside Adsense blog, publishers have the opportunity to create own Adsense logo which to be featured on the Inside Adsense Blog, Facebook page and Twitter channel. It’s kind of a way Google celebrates Adsense with publishers. Google Adsense will post the first round of submission live on May 3rd and close the form on May 20th. Publishers may include any tagline or description on the logo designed. If you’re lucky, Google Adsense might display your name in their blog post or marketing materials. I suppose that’s the best way to get traffic to your own blog.

I think this is a good opportunity for freelancers which specialize in graphic design. It’s an opportunity to showcase your work and get your name out to the world. As Google Adsense does not mention how many submissions allowed for a person, just go ahead and send in all your best work. Terms and conditions will be applied and that includes the issue of copyright. If you’re a newbie in freelancing or graphic design, this shouldn’t be your concern. Your goal is to design a good quality logo so that the world can get to know your name and ability. Do this and you’ll open up your door way in money making opportunities online.

P/S: I was too anxious to send out my design without reading the post carefully Thus I send in my cloud icon mistakenly. I think the cloud will go straight to the recycle bin. I don’t suppose they will include it into the first round of display.



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  1. Jason says:

    This is really cool and there is a lot of time. I am wondering, If I can submit multiple logo types.