Not a good idea to manage Google Adsense account with multiple users

When it comes to Google Adsense account, security is always my first priority. The one thing which every publisher does not want is losing Google Adsense account due to miss handling. According to the latest blog post title “Manage your Adsense account with multiple users” from Google Inside Adsense Blog, Google now allows multiple sign in to Adsense account. Below is one of the paragraphs copied from the blog post.

Please note that when another person is invited to access an AdSense account, they’ll need to use a verified Google Account login that isn’t linked to any other AdSense account or application. In addition, please be aware that Google AdSense is unable to mediate access disputes between users. As a result, we recommend exercising caution when sharing account access.

The quote “Too many cook spoil the soup” is best describe the above situation. Adding one additional login access to Google Adsense account is just going to increase the security risk. If something really happens to the Google Adsense account with two login access, the blame game will begins by finding out who’s responsible for the problem.

It is still better to have one single login access to Google Adsense account. If anything did happen to the Google Adsense account, you can always apply for a new account using a different name. Replace all the previous codes and you are good to start making money again. You don’t want to spend too much time dealing with a problematic account. Remember that your site is always continues to make money and you don’t want to waste time on an account which you cannot make money.



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