New Videos from Google on Adsense Optimization Techniques

In the latest article from Google Inside Adsense Blog title “Learn Adsense optimization techniques with our new video series”, six new video are introduced. The six parts of video series are Upgrade to high performance units, Monetize more content, Optimize search box placement, Opt-in to text and image ads, Use link units and Opt-in to placement targeting.

Each of the videos is short and is about one minute length. There is just one tip and one example in each of the videos. I think these videos are suitable for Google Adsense beginners. The tips are straight to the point and the instructions are very clear. The examples shown are easy to understand even if you’re not good in English language.

I suppose it is easier to watch the videos than to go through all the written tips and guides. You may check out other videos under the official Adsense YouTube channel for various tutorials and guides. It’s a best place to hang out if you’re tired of reading the guides and tips.

P/S: Google Adsense continues to release new videos on optimizing earnings. It is better to check it out even if we already been using and studying Google Adsense for a long time. We might just miss out new features or improvement from Google Adsense which can improve our earnings.



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2 Responses to “New Videos from Google on Adsense Optimization Techniques”

  1. david says:

    lol..I saw this video… How it is possible that google leaks some secrets. Thanks for posting.

  2. George says:

    The series of videos of optimizing AdSense are really good, I have watched a couple of videos and I find this helpful. As well it is very important how to target keywords in the content to maximize the profit.