New Look from Google AdSense for Content Ad Units

It seems that we have some new design of content ad units from Google Adsense. According to the post: A new look for Adsense for content ad units, couple of changes will roll out over the next few weeks. The first changes that we will see are the Learderboard (728×90). The title, description and URL will be arranged in rows instead of columns. The second changes are the medium and large rectangles (300×250 and 336×280). The URL will be at the same line as the title. There will also some minor adjustments on the font size. You should be able to notice the ads are more readable then before. Check out the post from Google Adsense blog for a clear picture of example.

Changes are always needed as that’s how improvements are done. Google Adsense should keep up with the ads display improvement to help publishers increase revenue. Despite that Google Adsense should also work on reducing the complicated code installation, channeling and ads adjustment. It will be better to have an express version and expert version. Express version is for those who don’t know much about programming and wanted the simplest and easiest way to work on Google Adsense. As for the expert version, it’s for those who wish to customize and make adjustment to suit their usage and purpose. Either way the end results must be the same. That’s to make money, if possible maximum revenue. I think for the last parts it will be best that Google Adsense work on most of the technical part. That way publisher can just concentrate working on the content. Besides, who else understand better about maximizing profit other then Google Adsense themselves.

I think Google Adsense should help publisher make enough money until a level so that publisher can continue to blog. Either it’s professional or just part time blogging, good quality blog is the biggest asset or business tool for Google Adsense. Besides, this might prevent publishers from switching over to other pay per click advertising company. I know that we often read about how Google Adsense disables lots of accounts as if they are top pay per click advertising company without having to worry about publisher abandon them, but still each and every publisher counts. When the amount of publisher turn to other pay per click advertising company is large enough, it will then create a large impact.



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3 Responses to “New Look from Google AdSense for Content Ad Units”

  1. I think that would be great if Google does some changes with Adsense. I definatly see room for improvement and Google is usually pretty good at creating wonderful things.

  2. Derek Bess says:

    I’ve never really been a fan of google adsense. I’ve created a few blogs and paid for articles to be written in hopes of generating revenue, but it never happened. There are other options available that are beating google in the online display advertising area. I think when google gets on the rich media things will slowly start getting better for them.

  3. Kumo says:

    I think we just have to find the right way or method that suits us. That goes the same with picking the advertising company.