New Google Ads Hangout is here to help pursuit for money making opportunities for the yearend sales

It is less than 20 days before Christmas. Have you prepare to make some money online for the yearend sales? If you are planning to make use of Google Adwords to make money online, check out the new series of Google Ads Hangout.

December 6 at 11 AM PDT: How to keep your ads from going dark during the holidays
We’ll discuss tips and tricks for how to manage your account effectively when you might be out of the office on holiday break.

December 13 at 11 AM PDT: How to create stand-out ads during the competitive holiday season
We’ll share the best strategies for setting yourself apart from your competition.

December 20 at 11 AM PDT: How to maintain the holiday momentum
We’ll tell you how to assess your holiday performance and engage your new customer base into the new year.

If you are new to Google Adwords, try to be extra careful and double check every single steps you take. Monitor your progress closely because if you are not careful, you might end up spending hundreds of dollars within minutes without making any money online. Perform lots of testing before going full swing during the holiday season. Remember that you might not learn everything during the Hangout on Air listed above. There are lots of details that you need to work out and it can only be done when you are using Google Adwords. In other words, you will have to learn it on the spot when using Google Adwords.

One thing that I learn about Google Adwords is that you need to monitor the progress every day and make changes accordingly. The same setting that you are using today might not work after a few days. Remember that you are actually competing with other advertisers that are using Google Adwords and probably going through the same Hangout on Air with you. You will have to beat your competitors and secure the spot in order to make money online successfully using Google Adwords. And you will be expecting lots of competitors during the holiday season or yearend sales.



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