New Contest at Pricebenders Auction to Help Win Prizes

I introduced about Pricebenders auction in my previous post SFI Strong Future International Money Making Opportunities Review 7. The auction uses TC credits to bid at TripleClicks. As a new sign up SFI affiliates, members get to earn 50 TC credits for startup. Once you’re out of TC credits you need to purchase them in order to bid on the auction. There are several ways that you can get TC credits for FREE but you won’t get many TC credits at once. Now members have the chance to earn 200 or 50 TC credits in every auction thanks to the new contest call Pick-the-Price (PTP).

The new launched contest Pick-the-Price (PTP) enables members to guess the final bid price in every auction. The one that wins by exact match of the final bid prediction will be rewarded 200 TC credits ($58 Value). If there is no exact match, 50 TC credits will be rewarded to those who have the closes prediction. The contest is free to enter as long as you’re a signup member. Contest will begin as soon as the auction starts. Prediction must be place before the auction ends or amount of bids reaches $1.00. There are no limits in how many times you can enter the contest. You may choose to enter every contest which comes along with the auction multiple times every day.

This is actually good news as members has an alternative way to get TC credits without purchasing them. Although it’s not a practical way to earn those TC credits by participating in the prediction contest, but it’s better than not having any way at all. Besides I think it’s an interesting way to encourage members to participate in the auction.



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  1. Dave says:

    It would be great if there is an affiliate program or referal program that can help you get more credits. I would try this auction, it looks like unique money making opportunity.