Moving on to New Google Search Ads Display for Tablet Devices

As the tablet users increase, Google has been introducing lots of features and updates to cater for tablet usage. Eventually we will be seeing a lot more tablet users in future. The increase of tablet users is just as many as smartphone users. These are the area which traffic, customers and potential buyers will be and Google will definitely be preparing for this huge market. Check out the blog post title “A new Google search ads experience for tablet devices” from Google Mobile Ads Blog. Google has updated the look and feel of search ads on tablets to customize the experience for tablet users. Basically the number of ads shown has been adjusted depending on the orientation of a tablet. Below are the changes explained in the blog post:

  • If you enter in a search query when the tablet is in landscape mode, there will be a maximum of two top ads above the search results.
  • If your search query occurs when the tablet is held in portrait mode, there will be a maximum of three ads above the search results.
  • Similarly to high end mobile devices, there will also be a maximum of three ads at the bottom of search results regardless of tablet orientation.

It is important that we keep up with these changes especially if we are using Google Adwords to promote our products. Such small changes might affect our marketing plan because the display of the ads has change. Obviously we need to tune and adjust the changes accordingly at our Google Adwords campaign too. Those who are able to adapt to the changes fast will gain lot of benefits in terms of revenue. It’s all about finding the new sweep spot to minimize the cost of advertising and maximize profits.



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