More Helping Tips and Info form Google Small Business Blog

Google is introducing a new blog title Google Small Business Blog which is focused on helping small business to grow. Honestly I think we need all the help that we can get to be successful. Those valuable experience from each and every entrepreneurs can be very good lessons to all of us. It’s good that Google gather all these information into one blog. It’s not just the lessons and tips that we can obtain but also the motivation to keep on going.

There are current 5 posts at Google Small Business Blog. I think the blog will grow very fast in couple of months. I’ve just check out the blog and I like it very much. First of all I don’t have to go around all Google Blogs to check out what’s new. I can basically find it all in this blog. But still I think there are lots more things can be done to benefits Google publishers as well as users. As a blog is a place where people share opinions and giving out advices, it should include individual thoughts. Nowadays we can get latest information easily thanks to the speed of internet. What most of us really hope for are valuable individual opinions. It will be great to read opinions from Google stuff regarding the tips and tools introduced. It will be lot more interesting to know how and why rather than just a simple what.

Besides that I think Google should include blog post from other regional or country all around the world. Google Adsense is not just focus in US but the whole world. I suppose Google Small Business should also include all countries in the world too. It is true that in the online world there is no boundaries as your online business can take place anywhere and anytime. But still any information and effects of tips and tools introduces by Google can really helpful, especially for small business.



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