Money Making Opportunities Online Increases as YouTube Offers Mobile Ads

There are basically three skills that we can use to make money online. We can write, take photos or shoot videos to create contents. It might sounds easy but it is not as simple as you think. Either way, you need to be passionate and interested in the things that you do so that you can continue doing it without quitting easily. No matter which skill that you choose to work on, traffic or viewers is still one of the most important parts of being able to make money online successfully. If you are trying to make money online by shooting videos, uploading videos to YouTube is probably one of the most common ways. And if you are worrying about not getting enough traffic or viewers, perhaps this news might brighten you up. Check out the blog post title “YouTube Finally Offers Mobile Ads” from Read Write Web Mobile.

Google announced that ads in video will be serving through mobile devices such as smartphone and tablet. The ads offered will be TrueView ads and viewers are able to skip it after 5 seconds. This is definitely great news for those trying to increase the number of viewers for their videos. Just imagine the number of views we can get by just sharing the videos on Facebook and Twitter. If most of your friends are using smartphone and they all have at least a thousand friends on their list, a simple click can easily share the videos out easily. And this goes on and on. Of cause the video created must be interesting enough to share it out.



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