Money making opportunities increase as Google accelerate mobile pages in search

According to the blog post title “Accelerated Mobile Pages in Search” from Google Inside Search, Google seems to accelerate the speed to display content on mobile. Well, it is a good announcement and improvement as we always want faster speed. But the question is how these update impact advertisers, publishers and users?

I suppose no complains will be coming from users. As long as you don’t make them waiting or reading the word “Loading”, they will be happy. Users are always looking forward for faster display speed. No doubt it’s a full 100% thumb up from users to Google. Publishers will be happy too because this means users will click or tap faster. Faster click or tap means readers will click on advertisement on mobile pages more often. This eventually translates into increase in Google AdSense income. Finally the advertisers might have mix feelings about faster display speed. Advertisers will feel happy when their advertisement or messages are shown faster. But they won’t be too happy when too many clicks coming out from the same person in a short period of time. This means advertisers might have to pay for more money for the advertisement but with results which they might not like it. In other words, clicks increases but sales couldn’t catch up. When users tend to click or tap faster, miss clicks or wrongful clicks will increases. So it is up to Google to filter out these unintentional clicks and delivers clicks which might bring sales to advertisers. The question is how good or effective Google can perform this task. This is one big question which makes advertisers worry.

If you are currently pursuit for money making opportunities online via generating Google AdSense income from mobile site, perhaps you might see a slight increase of earning. You can make a lot more money by doing some changes or tuning on your mobile site. The key is to increase users click on your mobile site. In other words, make users click few more times before actually show them the whole picture or full content. One good example is to create a top 10 blog post. This will make readers flip or click at least 10 times in order to read the full top 10 list.



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