Money Making Opportunities from Google Affiliate Network Advertisers

The Affiliate Exclusive Opportunities program introduced by Google Affiliate Network advertisers has been extended into 2011. This means publishers are able to make money by posting high-converting and exclusive opportunities from select Google Affiliate Network advertisers. The opportunities will be available from Friday 25th march 2011 until Monday 28th march 2011. Publishers will make money by earning performance fee for every transaction originated from own site. There are over 30 advertisers available to choose for example Timberland, Sears, Puma store and many more. As the offers will not be available until 25th march 2011, most of the promotional links will not be live or valid until that day. Even if the links are available, publishers may not post it out until 25th march 2011.

As I browse through the available opportunities, some of the offers provided are actually very attractive with discounts and savings. But still publishers need to decide if the money making opportunities are suitable for their blog or website. There won’t be any conversion if the opportunities are not related to the topic of the blog or website, even if it’s a good deal. I suppose publishers just have to treat this opportunities just like a regular Google Adsense ads but with the advantage of choosing the particular advertisers.

For more information, please visit “Affiliate Exclusive Opportunities from Top Retailers” at Google Inside Adsense Blog.



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2 Responses to “Money Making Opportunities from Google Affiliate Network Advertisers”

  1. Roger says:

    I have heard only good things about Google affiliate network, but have never promote it. I will gonna take a look at the blog, I think this is good and more importantly trusted money making opportunity.

  2. Katie says:

    It is a fact that Google affiliate network is one of the best, but it is not so popular around webmasters. Most of the times there are the hottest offer available.