Money Making Opportunities at YouTube is expending

When it comes to money making opportunities online, YouTube has become one of the popular methods that enable video creators around the world to make money online. Video creators can start making money via several methods once viewership at YouTube increases until a minimum amount.  One of the basic and simple methods is through Google AdSense on YouTube. Other methods of making money online include selling products on your videos or accepting a certain amount of fees for promoting and introducing products or services. Basically the amount of viewers that you are able to attract will determine the amount of money you’ll earn. The potential is great if your videos are attractive in terms of creativity, funny or good looking. I suppose it comes down to two simple factors which are entertaining and informative. It is a totally different platform compare to blogging. Instead of writing skill, you are required to improve your speaking or talking skill. You do need to speak clearly for others to understand what you are talking. Do remember that your audience or viewers are people around the world. English might be the international medium but it might be confusing and difficult to understand if you don’t keep it simple. If you are wondering how others are making money online via YouTube, check out the popular videos on different location content. Try countries like Japan, Malaysia or even America. You will find some interesting popular channels which receive lots of views even if they are not celebrities but ordinary folks just like you and me.

As YouTube is making its way to smartphone and tablet devices, it is expending the ways video creators make money online. The latest feature introduced by YouTube is crowdfunding. That means viewers or fans are able to tip or donate a small amount of money to the owner of the videos. The feature is something similar with those live streaming gamers in Twitch. Although this feature is at early testing stage, I think it will become one major attractive ways to make money online via YouTube. But try not to be too excited about it as YouTube has yet to announce how they plan to manage this feature. Those rules and regulation will definitely affect how the game plays. Check out he blog post title “YouTube’s new features: crowdfunding, fan-made subtitles and 60fps video” from The Guardian and “YouTube Plans To Add Build-In Crowdfunding Capability” from NBC News for more related info. No doubt this crowdfunding feature will be a new big thing on YouTube. It defiantly provides another way for video creators to make money online.

P/S: I wonder people will start creating sympathy videos asking for money or donation.



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