Mobile money making opportunities online created by Google

Over the past few years, Google has been focusing on mobile market by introducing lots of changes and improvement targeting smartphone and tablet users. Google has been and always is the bridge that connects merchants or business owners to customers. Many people have been using the bridge created by Google to make a lot of money online. Not just by merchants and business owners but all those who make use of the bridge Google created. All they did was making it easier for the bridge to use. They also make money by teaching and directing those who do not know how to make use of the bridge. You’ll be surprise that many people are still crossing the river via boat. If you are hoping to find or discover any money making opportunities online within, be sure to learn all about the bridge and keep up with the news release from Google. Check out the blog post title “2014 update to Google Shopping Products Feed Specification” from Google Inside Adwords.

Google is announcing an update to the Google Shopping Feed Specification and below are some of the updates.

  • Mobile landing page links should be submitted separately to direct mobile shoppers to the right experience
  • Merchant-defined custom bundles, such as a camera with additional case and lens, must now be identified as such in order to be displayed appropriately on Shopping
  • Apparel attributes are added to allow more detailed descriptions of your apparel products
  • Item availability now simplified to allow a clearer distinction between different availability states
  • Mandatory character limits clearly stated for each attribute to help the right product information being displayed

One of the updates that concern me is the mobile landing page. Although the concept or game plays is almost the same as laptop landing pages, it sounds like a money making opportunity to me. Providing a service that design mobile landing page specifically sounds like a good idea. As mobile landing page targets mobile users, finding the right products to sell mobile users can be profitable too. There are other several ideas I can think of but I suppose all requires a lot of work, study and some creativity. As this is a new area which does not have much information to refer, those who walk ahead of this new frontier will be benefiting. Of cause there will be lots of problems and difficulties. But then again, money making opportunities lie within problems and difficulties



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