Mobile Advertising Is Facebook New Source of Revenue and Money Making Opportunities for Users

According to Bloomberg, Facebook is planning the first move in launching mobile advertising by the end of March. Judging by the number of users Facebook has worldwide, this is going to create lots of money making opportunities for Facebook and online entrepreneurs. With more than 350 million users accessing Facebook through mobile devices, you can imagine the potential of sales and businesses generated. So the big question is how we can make use of this opportunity to make money. Obviously there are lots of money making opportunities within once Facebook launches the mobile advertising. Below is couple of questions and ideas you can think of to help you make use of this opportunity and make money.

  1. Study and understand the type of mobile users Facebook has. Find out what services or products which Facebook mobile users might be interested. The cost of advertising might be low at initial launch of Facebook mobile advertising system. You might be able to take advantage of the immature mobile advertising system.
  2. Study and understand the Facebook mobile advertising system. Create an eBook about how to make full use of the mobile advertising system. Teach users how to use the Facebook mobile advertising system to make money or sell products and services efficiently.

P/S: There are still many other ways or methods you can make use of this new Facebook mobile advertising system to make money. But you have to be fast and be the first one to sell your ideas. It is best to prepare yourself by studying and understanding how Facebook works, in detail. The knowledge towards how Facebook functions will help you understand the implementation of new mobile advertising better. Figuring out what others don’t see creates money making opportunities.



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