Making Full Use of Google to Pursuit for Money Making Opportunities Online

If you are new to money making online and are hoping to learn what Google has to offer, check out Google new educational site “Learn with Google”. According to the blog post title “Introducing Learn with Google” from Google Small Business, the site is designed for users to learn about Google products and service. Basically you will find videos, tutorials, handouts, tools and other resources to help you get starting with Google products and services. The site categorizes the topics into Starting a Business Online, Marketing a Business Online, Running a Business Online and Tools. Below are the basic things you can learn from the site:

  • Create FREE blogs using Blogger
  • Advertise products, services and website using Google Adwords
  • Make money as publisher using Google Adsense
  • Make money selling products and services using Google Affiliate Network
  • Upload video clips using YouTube
  • Create FREE mobile website using Google Sites
  • Create and upload documents or folders using Google Docs
  • Track and analyze website or blog using Google Analytics
  • Allow users to subscribe your blog or website using FeedBurner
  • Communicate through video or chat using Google Talk
  • Create FREE email account using Gmail
  • Subscribe to blogs and websites using Google Readers
  • Starting group discussion with Google Groups
  • Improve blog or website performance with Google Webmaster Tools

As a newbie or beginner, all the above is enough to keep you busy for weeks. These are just the basic features Google offers for FREE. It should be enough to get you starting on the mission to pursuit for money making opportunities online. Remember that these FREE features are not the best and Google is not the only one who offers them. Once you starting to explore the online cyber world, you’ll find lots of features which are much better. As long as those features suit you and able to help make you money, it is consider good. But as a newbie or beginner, Google is a good place to learn and start.



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