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When it comes to search engine, no doubt Google is the biggest player. Google is also the biggest profit maker online. We bloggers are always trying to make use of Google to make some money. Most of our money making opportunities online rely closely to Google’s behavior or algorithm. Any movement or changes within Google’s algorithm will greatly affect our income online. Thus we are always trying to keep up with any changes or updates from Google. While keeping an eye on Google, we continue to learn everything we can about search engine. Fortunately Google always provide all the information we need to understand the characteristic of their search engine. And sometimes Google will teach us more than just their search engine.

Check out the blog post title “Web Fundamentals and Web Starter Kit: Resources for modern web development” from Google Inside AdSense. If you are learning to create a mobile site, you should take a look at Web Fundamentals and Web Starter Kit by Google. It offers useful guidelines and articles to help create a successful mobile site. That is if you are trying to start an online business or trying to make money online, you will need to optimize your mobile site.

P/S: Google always provides simple and fundamental information. It is a good place to begin if you are just starting to create your own mobile site.



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