Live Streaming Gameplay Video Money Making Opportunities Online

One of the video money making opportunities online that most gamers like to do is uploading gaming progress on YouTube. Either it is a console game that connects to TV, portable game, mobile game or PC game, you can find almost any gameplay progress on YouTube. Especially for popular games like Word of Warcraft, Counter Strike, Halo and Call of Duty, thousands of people are viewing those video every day.

Speaking of Call of Duty, gamers are now able to live stream their gameplay to YouTube directly. That means players of Call of Duty: Black Ops II is able to make money online by live streaming their gameplay on YouTube. Of cause the live stream video has to be attractive enough to gain lots of popularity and views. I suppose if you are a talented player that are able to beat almost every player online, you should be able to win yourself lots of fans and viewers.

Is this really good news? Well, I think this might not be good news for those who are currently making money by recording and uploading gameplay. Once every player is able to live streaming their gameplay easily, YouTube will be flooded with lots of gameplay videos. By then it is going to be very difficult to receive lots of views due to competition. Unless you are able to create a special unique gameplay video, I don’t think you will be making money any more.

P/S: Currently the live stream feature is available for one game only. If you are seriously into making money online by uploading gameplay video, you should monitor closely on the effect of live streaming gameplay. You should be prepared that every game will soon have the same live streaming gameplay feature.



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