Let Google Helps Promote Your Mobile Site

If you have created a site designed specifically for mobile, tell Google and let them help promote your site. Check out the blog post title “Got a Great Mobile Site? We want to Hear From Your!” from Google Mobile Ads Blog. All you have to do is fill out the form and tell Google about your mobile site. If you’re lucky, your site will be chosen as case studies. Just like the other blogs and websites that you’ve seen at Google blogs, your blog will be introduce, interview and discuss. No doubt this is a good opportunity to gain lots of traffic. According to the blog post, here are the things Google are looking for about your successful mobile site:

  • Your strategy for success (simple layout? prioritized content?)
  • What you learned along the way (experiments? trial and error?)
  • Metrics that show how far you’ve come (numbers tell the tale!)
  • Why your mobile site works and what advice you have for others

If you own a mobile site, go ahead and fill up the form. If you haven’t achieved the success that you’re hoping for, than you certainly need to try your luck. Besides you have nothing to lose but few minutes of your time filling up the form. If you’re lucky, you will be getting more than just success. You might gain lots of money making opportunities online thanks to Google.



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