Learning Google Adsense New Interface With 2 minutes Video

Ever since Google introduces the new Google Adsense new interface, Google has been providing lots of information and explanation to help publishers learn more about the changes and new features. The new interface Wednesday’s blog series is one of the projects done by Google to help publishers understand the changes. In order to help publishers familiar with the new interface, Google takes another step by creating a series of six videos with each fewer than two minutes to summarize basic actions of new Google Adsense interface. In the latest blog post title “Got 2 minutes? Watch our new Adsense demo videos” from Google Inside Adsense Blog, two out of six videos are presented. The first video explains how to create and ad unit. The second video shows the basic setting of custom channels.

The videos seem a bit rush because there is so much to explain but only two minutes to do it. The idea of making the video short is good but it might not help much if publishers are unable to catch up with the videos. I personally have to watch the videos at least twice in order to understand what’s going on. It will be better to just extend the videos until 5 minutes as it will help prevent publishers from watch the video again and again.

P/S: But still I’m able to learn one new thing from the videos. I learn to use the custom channel. Although I need to watch the video 4 times to get it right. Oh well, that’s one small step towards the pursuit of money making opportunities online.



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2 Responses to “Learning Google Adsense New Interface With 2 minutes Video”

  1. James says:

    My opinion is that new Adsense interface is much easier than the previous one and may be more obvious. As well I think that even looking at the stats and channels can help to tweak some of the settings and get better conversion.

  2. Carl says:

    Videos are good and I am sure it will help to many people. However, the new interface is very easy and I think every webmaster or internet marketer can handle it very easy.