Learn with Google Webinars and Pursuit for Money Making Opportunities Online

Things change fast online. Thus it is crucial for us to keep on updating ourselves with the latest information. As there is a lot of information online, we need to pick and prioritize only the most important information which can affect our online revenue or the course to pursuit for money making opportunities online. Especially if your work or online business depends mostly on Google features such as Google Adwords, Google+, Google Adsense, GoMo and many more, you need to check out Google Webinars always. Check out the blog post title “New Learn with Google Webinars Help Make the Web Work for You” from Google and Your Business Blog. 13 webinars are schedule for the next couple of month. The first webinar is on 9th August this Thursday. Please sign up for the webinars if you are interested. Below are the full schedule listed from the blog post above.

  • Aug 9 at 9am PDT Multi-Channel Funnels: Attribution Across Channels
  • Aug 23 at 10am PDT How to Kick Start Social with Google+ (Hangout on Air)
  • Aug 28 at 10am PDT Optimizing your Video Ad Campaigns
  • Aug 29 at 10am PDT Google+: Enhancing Marketing and Making Social Accountable
  • Sept 5 at 10am PDT Go Bigger, Faster with AdWords Editor
  • Sept 6 at 10am PDT Making the Most of Recent AdWords Updates
  • Sept 12 at 10am PDT Driving Cost-Effective App Downloads with AdWords
  • Sept 13 at 10am PDT Go Bigger, Faster with AdWords Scripts
  • Sept 18 at 10am PDT Better Together: Combining Targeting Strategies in Display
  • Sept 19 at 10am PDT The Importance of Search Advertising
  • Sept 20 at 10am PDT Measuring the Impact of Online Advertising on Offline Sales
  • Sept 26 at 10am PDT GoMo: Mobilize your Site and Maximize your Advertising
  • Sept 27 at 10am PDT Optimizing Display Campaigns: Tips, Tricks, & Tools

Remember that learning and keep on updating yourself is part of the course to pursuit for money making opportunities online. The knowledge acquired will definitely help in reaching success.



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