Last Money Making Opportunities Day in 2010

In this year 2010, I put a lot of effort on writing blog posts. My goal was to get myself used to the writing habit and trying to create as many posts as possible in this blog. This Money Making Opportunities blog now has 443 posts including this post and 7 pages. Although there are still much to improve for my writing but I’m quite satisfied with the posts I wrote. I’m now familiar with the load of writing that I need to complete daily. For tomorrow, next year, 2011, I’ll start to focus on increasing the earnings in this blog. Well, my initial intention is to make money with this blog. I don’t have to earn a lot, but just enough to let me continue blogging without having to worry about money issue. Of cause that includes the money to improve and upgrade this blog. I think I should be able to achieve this simple wish next year 2011.

Right before New Year Eve, I’ve included my Advertising page. Please do check it out if you’re interested in advertising in this blog. If you have any question, please send me a message using the contact form. This concludes my last post in year 2010. I wish everybody a Happy New Year and hope you’ll make more money next year 2011.

P/S: I will continue to search and explore for money making opportunities websites and introduce them in this blog for your benefits.



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2 Responses to “Last Money Making Opportunities Day in 2010”

  1. Jake says:

    Good job with the site, you’re providing info on what appear to be relatively sound work possibilities in a landscape that has more pitfalls than solid footings.

    I always try to steer people with no special skills away from those ridiculous get rich offers and toward writing jobs like the ones you mention here. Which anyone who paid attention in english class can succeed in.

  2. John says:

    Greeting Kumo, your blog is the best one! It always offer latest and the best money opportunities and reviews. I read it almost everyday.