Keep up with Advertising News to Maintain Blogging Inspiration

Finding inspiration to blog is one of the activities that I need to do in order to keep this blog going. Besides learning new stuff, continue keeping up with the latest improvement online is a must. Any news regarding search engine, advertising, marketing, SEO, new product launching, social network and blogging can be very helpful in getting inspiration. Well, it’s not just for the post but also to keep us ahead and finding more money making opportunities.

I suppose we all have a list of websites and blogs that we often check out for the latest news and updates. Here’s a website call Google Ad News put up by Google and powered by Google News. According to the article Keep current on all things advertising, Google Ad News keep tracks on current news related to display, search, mobile and traditional media. You’re able to subscribe to news feeds in the categories and search for topics related to your blog, business or niche. You might not need Google Ad News if you already built your own portal to get all your news and updates, but still it would be better to check it out. Perhaps Google Ad News might have something important that you miss out. Consider it as an alternative to get updated news and information.

When you’re running out of ideas and things to write for your blog, it might be a good idea to check out Google Ad News. You might just find something interesting to talk about it. Bookmark it for now as you might need it later. You need to have at least couple of sources to get your news and updates. Who knows some of the links might not be working when you needed them. Besides you also need few sources to check and confirm the news and updates that you’re going to write too.



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