It is Time to Tune Your Money Making Opportunities at Google Adsense Link Units

According to the latest blog post “A fresh face for link units” from Google Inside Adsense Blog, changes are done on link units and link unit landing page. Link units will be shown four topics for horizontal orientations and three for vertical orientations. The link unit landing page will be given a fresh look in terms of color scheme, orientation, fonts and number of ads. Due to these changes, publishers should review their blog or website and make appropriate changes or tuning. Although changes will happen automatically, it is still better to check and confirm the results.

Google Adsense should constantly improve and makes changes to help publishers increase earnings. As Google has all the data and information through Google Analytics, Google knows better which ads converts best. Honestly I think Google should constantly perform their version of split testing and tries to maximize earnings. I’m sure any implementation from Google which resulting in a boost of earnings will be unanimously accepted and welcome by publishers. At the end we all have one common and simple goal of making more money. Publishers and Google should always work together with each performing their duties and responsibilities. When publishers make money, Google makes money. Eventually both parties need to help each other in order to achieve positive and great results.



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