It is time to make some changes for Money Making Opportunities ToastEggMe

Lately Google has made a lot of changes especially on the search algorithm. Just like any other blogs or websites, this blog also experiencing the effect of changes. The most obvious effects are the traffic and the search queries. In order to keep up with the trend and changes, this blog must undergo some changes too. Although I’m not sure exactly what kind of changes will be suitable, but there is one thing I’m sure every bloggers need to do. That is to improve the quality of content. Ironically, I suppose every bloggers knew and understand the important of good quality content, and are trying their best doing so. Just that some of the articles we produced are just not good enough.

Besides the content of the blog, the SEO implementation needs some tuning and modification. This part is a bit difficult because every SEO experts online are still studying and testing the new search algorithm. I guess we just have to skip SEO temporally and just focus on producing good quality content.

The WordPress theme of this blog will be change and so does some other parts in this blog. The changes will be done slowly and one step at a time so that I can continue posting as usual. If you found any errors or difficulty accessing any pages, please let me know.



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