Interested in helping Google improve Google Translate?

I use Google Translate a lot while blogging. Although it does not always provide accurate answer, at least it helps verified spelling and the meaning of the words. Usually you’ll get a strange answer when you type in a sentence instead of a single word. I suppose Google Translate still needs a lot of work and improvement. Lately Google has invited us or the world to help improve Google Translate. Check out the blog post title “Translate Community: Help us improve Google Translate!” from Google Inside Search. Just login to your Google account and join the Translate Community. Before you start to work on the translation, you need to pick at least 2 languages that you are familiar and good at. You will be given the option to translate, match, rate and compare the words. The translation work is easy if you are good in the languages you sign up.

It is fun at the beginning. Unfortunately I won’t be spending my time and effort helping Google for free. It will be best if Google can record down those who help improve Google Translate and publish the list online. A top ten or top hundred list of those who provide the most help can be attractive. At least this will give us the opportunity to get some freelance work related to language translation.  I’m sure the respond will be much better if we get something in return.



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