Increase Your Money Making Opportunities with Google Sites Mobile Landing Pages

Google announces a brand new feature which enables users to create their own mobile landing pages for FREE. The “Mobile”-ized Google Sites mobile landing page is fast and easy to set up.  It does not require any coding experience. Users can basically just drag, click and select to create the mobile landing page. Users also have the opportunity to access the one-click Google Analytics integration which monitors the site’s traffic.

Mobile site is not a new thing but with Google launching their version of mobile landing page, we can expect something more from Google. I’m guessing this is just part of their plan to get into mobile market. Remember that Google’s main weapon is the search engine. Previously they just launched the +1 button. Plus Google has lots of tools and features which enable them to mix and cook up something special which can monopolize the mobile market. Again there will be more new features and surprise coming from Google. This is good news especially for those who trying to make money online.

As for now regardless of what advantages or benefits we can get from Google Sites Mobile Landing Pages, it’s best to just secure few landing pages with unique titles. Especially titles which related to your online businesses, blogs and websites, I would suggest to just go ahead and register your spot. I think many people will try to sell those landing pages with popular titles just like domain names. Again this is another money making opportunities online which you need to be fast and first to get it.

P/S: There are other similar online services which offer mobile site or landing page on smartphone. Is there any difference compare to Google Sites Mobile Landing Pages? Google Sites Mobile Landing Pages is a bit special and full with potential because of the name “Google”. So I suppose it’s not a bad idea to invest some time and effort. Besides, it’s FREE.



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  1. Robert says:

    I must admit, that I haven’t used the full potential of mobile marketing yet. All my websites and blogs have mobile version, but never tried mobile ads or any other places to advertise.