Improve money Making Opportunities by Attending IAB Long Tail Alliance AdSense Webinar

Google Adsense team will be co-hosting a webinar with IAB Long Tail Alliance to cover “What You Need to Know about Adsense.” It seems like both company will cover tips and best practice to help you maximize your Adsense revenue. If you’re interested in attending the Webinar, please register by following this link. The Webinar will be held on September 14th 2010 5pm ET.

The Webinar will cover Adsense best practice to make sure publishers are getting the most out of Adsense implementation. Optimization tips on how to test various ad formats, colors and placements will be included too. Adsense for Search will be included to make sure publishers able to make full use of it to benefits users as well as themselves.

It seems that IAB Long Tail Alliance has more Webinars coming in until end of year. Although most of the topic might not be related to money making opportunities but it does have something to do with business. One Webinar that is schedule on December 7th 2010 might just be suitable to attend. The title of the Webinar is “Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing: 5 Things Advertisers Need to Know.” I think those of you who are actively practicing affiliate marketing should consider attend this webinar.

P/S: This is the time that we should spare some time to update ourselves. It’s a never ending learning process that we need to keep up. Things changes fast online. Today information might be outdated tomorrow. So keep it up.



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  1. Patric says:

    Thanks mate, this can be useful not only for adsense, but for long-tail keyword SEO strategy. Usually it works well both ways.