Important Policy Tips From Google Adsense

Copying content from other sites, auto-generating content, or rewriting content from other publications and monetizing these types of pages without permission or the necessary legal rights to do so is considered a violation of our program policies.

The above statement is quote from the latest blog post “Policy Tips – Creating unique and valuable content” from Google Inside Adsense Blog. In order to maximize Google Adsense earnings, publishers tend to try anything they can in order to increase traffic and produce content. If publishers are not careful, it is easily to get their Google Adsense account ban. If you are currently practicing the action mention above, it is best to stop and make correction now. Although the quote above only mention is a violation of program policies but not Google Adsense account ban, it is not a good idea to take the risk. If you are purchasing Private Label Rights or PLR articles for your blog content or using auto blogging program, it is best to remove Google Adsense from the blog. Place Google Adsense on blogs or websites with original content only. As for the blogs or websites that clearly violates Google Adsense program policies, you may try to apply alternative money making opportunities online. You can try other online advertising network company but I would suggest going for affiliate programs. Affiliate program like Clickbank that enable members to sell eBooks, programs and digital products does not have restrictions on how traffic is generated and content is produced. The main focus is getting customers to buy the products. So it is consider as one of the best alternative money making opportunities online.

As for Google Adsense, it is best to just play by their rules without trying to outsmart their system. And also try not to push your luck in testing out the grey area of Google Adsense policies. It is best to just put your mind, time and effort on producing good quality content.



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