Important Google Search Engine Algorithm Adjustment That might affect your Money Making Opportunities Online

Google is always improving and upgrading their search engine algorithm for best users’ experience. Once in a while we can feel the change or something different while using Google search engine. Sometimes we even notice the impact of the search result on our blog or website. If you are interested in finding out the changes done by Google lately, check out the blog post title “Ten recent algorithm changes” from Google Inside Search. As a publisher, an online entrepreneur or as a person trying to make some money online, keeping yourself updated with changes within Google search engine algorithm is very important in creating money making opportunities online. Understanding how Google search engine works can help create blogs or websites that attract lots of traffic.

The ten improvements listed are:

  1. Cross language information retrieval updates
  2. Snippets with more page content and less header/menu content
  3. Better page titles in search results by de-duplicating boilerplate anchors
  4. Length based autocomplete predictions in Russian
  5. Extending application rich snippets
  6. Retiring a signal in image search
  7. Fresher, more recent results
  8. Refining official page detection
  9. Improvements to date restricted queries
  10. Prediction fix for IME queries

Among the changes above, I suppose we are much more interested in how it affects search results and ranking. The most significant changes are the search result and ranking given to blogs or websites with fresh content. In other words, blogs and websites with fresh content will be push up within search result ranking. If you post and blog daily or more, you might witness a significant increase of traffic. Another improvement is the higher ranking given towards official pages. The big question is how Google determine and define official pages. Although Google is trying hard to provide relevant and authoritative results, the so call official pages can be manipulated if there is no detail guideline.

P/S: Regardless of what the changes or upgrades Google imposes to their search engine algorithm, you will always gain benefits if you constantly produce good quality content.



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