Help Japan by Donating your Adsense Earnings

Last year Google enables publishers to donate Google Adsense earning directly to help Haiti. For the Japan earthquake and tsunami, Google is planning the same event to help Japan too. You may check out the blog post title “Help Japan with your Adsense earnings” from Google Inside Adsense Blog for details.  Currently Google is working a way which enables publishers to donate their Google Adsense earnings directly from Google Adsense account. We just have to check back later for updates. While waiting for Google to setup the direct donation, publishers take the alternative way by donate through crisis response page. The donations will go directly to the Japanese Red Cross Society.

Besides the donation service, Google also launched the Google Person Finder in several languages to help locate missing people. There are also several related sites in Japanese and English with updated info regarding the affected area.

There are several ways which we can help Japan and the above is just one of the simple ways. It’s all about doing what we can to help. I would suggest that Google creates a site or a portal especially for donation permanently. This way Google don’t have to go through the trouble of creating the donation portal again and again whenever needed. Even when the world is safe from any natural disaster, the donation can still be redirect to those who needed help. I’m sure there are still lots of places in the world which needed help.



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