Help Haiti by Donating your Adsense Earnings

As we all know that Haiti suffers a catastrophic magnitude 7 earthquake. Most of the buildings and infrastructure were destroyed. Lots of help are needed in order for Haiti to get through this tragedy. As many Adsense publishers wanting to lay a hand and give some help to Haiti, Google Adsense has provided a way to do so. Google Adsense is currently accepting donations from Adsense publishers with an unpaid account balance through January 31, 2010. You are free to donate a portion or all of your entire unpaid balance as of the end of January. All the donations will go to provide medical aid via PIH (Partners In Health) and their Haiti-based partner organization. For details concerning the donation, please visit Donate your Adsense earnings to help Haiti.

P/S: Even if you have a balance of $0.10 in your account, which might be enough to save a child in Haiti. The pleasure of doing a good thing is the feeling that comes along when you receive a simple “Thank you”.



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2 Responses to “Help Haiti by Donating your Adsense Earnings”

  1. Peter says:

    I’ve found out about another intresting way to donate:

    By downloading a song, which is a minute of silence, you can donate in an easy way a small sumn.
    The donation helps to rebuild the country on the one hand, and on the other hand the “song” doesn’t let you forget the catastrophe.

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