Have you start preparing your business for 2014 holidays?

It is almost at middle of October 2014. That is about 2 months away from the long yearend holiday. Have you start preparing your business for the yearend sales? If you are not, you better start working on your online sales pages, promotions and marketing strategies. This is the golden period to generate the most profit for entire year. Don’t miss it. If you have no idea how big online sales are and the potential profits within, check out the blog title “2014 Holiday Shopper Research: Shopping Never Sleeps” from Google Inside AdWords. But first, take a look at the two infographic taken from the blog post above. Basically there are 2 important points you need to take note. First, October through November is a crucial period for retailers to reach shoppers online. Second, shoppers make us of their smartphone to help making purchase decision. And they often check out YouTube for product information and reviews.

shopping on youtube2013 yearend shopping trend



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