Google wraps up 2014 with a year in Search

It’s December 2014. It’s almost the end of 2014. Every year around this time Google wraps up the things that happen in 2014 with their annual Year in Search. Check out the blog post title “A Year in Search: the moments that defined 2014” As you can see the top 10 global trending searches are Robin Williams, World Cup, Ebola, MH370, ALS, Flappy Bird, Conchita Wurst, ISIS, Frozen and Sochi. You may check out the Year in Search site and have a look at the stories behind the top 10 global trending searches. But pay close attention towards the keyword Flappy Bird. If you are the one who design this mobile game. How much money will you earn? Is it possible to design another mobile game and earn this much attention in future? Well, I suppose the possibility is there. The question is how you do it. This is the kind of opportunity which you don’t expect to happen but dream of seeing it happen.



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