Google Webinar Program Schedule for March 2012

If you want to keep on making money online, you have to keep on learning and catching up with the changes online.

That’s one of the things that I’ve learned while pursuing for money making opportunities online. In fact, how fast we learn and the ability to make full use of new things in short period of time affects greatly on our earning potential. I guess these are some of the similarities that we all have during school time. As for now the cyber world online is our learning platform. So when Google is providing free seminars or webinar program, we shouldn’t miss it. Check out the blog post title “Introducing the Learning with Google Webinar Program” from Google Small Business Blog. Google has scheduled eight live webinars this month. Check it out and register for the webinar if you are interested.

The webinars prepared by Google are just the basic information regarding Google products and features. You need to be able to come out with something new from the things you learned in order to make money online. But first, learn the basic.

Below is the list of webinar schedule form the blog post:

  • March 13 at 10am PDT: 5 Tips to Start Marketing your Business with Video
  • March 14 at 10am PDT: Introduction to the Google Display Network
  • March 15 at 10am PDT: GoMo: Mobilize your Site and Maximize your Advertising
  • March 20 at 10am PDT: Understanding Mobile Ads Across Marketing Objectives
  • March 21 at 10am PDT: Reaching Your Goals with Google Analytics
  • March 22 at 10am PDT: GoMo for Publishers
  • March 27 at 10am PDT: Manage Large AdWords Campaigns with Less Effort
  • March 28 at 10am PDT: 3 Tips to Get More out of your Video Advertising Campaigns

P/S: Remember to register for a spot if you are interested.



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