Google Webinar on Implementing The +1 Button

Google will be holding a webinar regarding implementing the +1 button on Tuesday 21st Jun at 3pm ET. The webinar will be host by Google Developer Advocate Timothy Jordan. Topics of the webinar will be focus on how to use the +1 button efficiently. Topics below will be discussed during the webinar:

  • Getting started
  • Best practices
  • Advanced options
  • Measurement
  • Q&A

Please register through the blog post title “Webinar: Implementing the +1 Button” from Google Inside Adsense Blog if you’re interested. As the +1 button is still considered a new feature, lots of improvement and evaluation needs to be done. I suppose the main purpose of this webinar is to gather feedbacks from users. Thus the Q&A section will be the highlight of this event.

If you’re planning to attend the webinar, study and implement the +1 button on your blog. Everything you need to know about +1 button is available online except the effect and impact when placing the +1 button in your blog. As there will be plenty of time allocate for Q&A section, you have to be prepare to make full use of it.

P/S: As we are trying out different ways to maximize the usage of +1 button, I suppose one of the important things I like to know is how far we can go without violate any rules. In other words, we need to know where Google draw the lines for the usage of +1 button.




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One Response to “Google Webinar on Implementing The +1 Button”

  1. Roger says:

    Google plus button is very similar to Facebook like. I missed the webinar, but I already implement it on most of my blogs and websites without problems.