Google upcoming Mobile Hangout On Air to Discuss Mobile Money Making Opportunities Online

Check out the blog post title “Join our upcoming mobile Hangout On Air” from Google Inside Adsense Blog. There will be two mobile Hangout on Air available. The topic of the first mobile Hangout on Air is “Build a business, not just an app” and will be held on August 15th at 4pm GMT/8am PDT. The discussion will be focus on:

  • App business model and promotion strategies
  • AdMob optimization tips and policy information

The second mobile Hangout on Air title “Creating a mobile strategy” will be held on August 16th at 4pm GMT/8am PDT. The discussion will be about:

  • The importance of building a mobile site or app
  • Mobile site best practices
  • Where to find agencies that create a mobile site or app
  • Mobile success stories from other publishers

If you are interested, please register before August 10th. Many companies are currently fighting and working hard on mobile field in order to dominate the industry. If you are seriously trying to make money online in mobile field, it is very important that you keep updated information. Thus participating in Google Mobile Hangout On Air is a must. Remember that things changes fast online and especially within mobile field. Any latest information acquired can affect your online mobile business greatly.



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