Google Translate now has over 100 languages in total

Lately Google introduces 13 new languages into Google Translate. This makes the feature over 100 languages in total. Check out the blog post title “From Amharic to Xhosa, introducing Translate in 13 new languages – now over 100 in total!”

It is impressive to have 100 languages in Google Translate. But if Google is unable to improve the accuracy of the translation, people are not going to use it. The big question is how long it is going to take until Google Translate is able to achieve accuracy rate which is acceptable by the public. Relying on the algorithm to do the translation work is not good enough. There are a lot of words and phrases when combining into a sentence or a paragraph is going to have several or different meaning which only the person who speaks the native language is capable of translate it correctly. At some point, the work of translation is going to rely on people. No doubt Google is working towards the right direction because people around the work are able to participate in improving the translation. It is just a matter of time the feature reaches the acceptable accuracy rate.

This is actually a good example of making use of the power of the public to help improve a feature. It is similar with crowdfunding a project but in this case it is the work and effort of every individual in the world Google is collecting.



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