Google Think Mobile Event Streamed Live From London

Join Google on 29th June Wednesday at 2pm UK time for live streaming Think Mobile Event. Although the examples and data analysis will be based on UK, people around the world are welcome to participate online. Some of the key sessions will be available live and streaming directly to you online. The event will be focus on the topics related to the rise of the mobile web, as well as the consumer and marketer behavior transformation. Participants will be presented with the latest research on mobile usage in UK, global launch of new mobile product from Google and insights information on what works for businesses on mobile. Participants are able to watch the streaming live on Android or iPhone too.

If your business is related and mostly targeted customers in UK, don’t miss this event. It is very important to keep up with the latest information, events and changes. Especially in smartphone online market, new things are being created and introduced every day. No doubt there are lots of money making opportunities surrounding the market of smartphone users, but you need to be fast and good enough to catch it. As for those who are not staying in UK, you still need to check it out too. You need to be prepared when smartphone users start blooming in your country. Watch and learn as much as possible by making UK as an example. The experience can help avoid unnecessary mistakes and help achieve success.



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2 Responses to “Google Think Mobile Event Streamed Live From London”

  1. Maggie says:

    Nice one Kumo, most of my customers are from UK and I think I am just in time to sign up for this event.

  2. John says:

    I missed the event, I hope Google will publish something on their official blog soon, I have few customers in England that probably will be interested.